Prevalent Hope (PH) Coaching & Consulting LLCSM is a health and life coaching practice dedicated to helping women 40 and over bounce back from a life-altering experience. Examples includes new motherhood, new female reproductive issues (e.g., fibroids or PCOS)), hormonal challenges (e.g., onset of menopause), losses, relationship status changes, and more.

Founded in 2021, PH Coaching & ConsultingSM offers support in areas such as habit change, accountability, fear, and stability and prosperity in the big fives areas of life: health, career, money, relationships and spirituality.

In addition to 1:1 and group coaching, PH Coaching & ConsultingSM also offers consulting services to organizations and businesses that want to support their staff's health, wellness and over well-being through sessions on topics including but not restricted to self-care, stress management, time management, nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits, etc.