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Patricia helped me identify root causes for my unhealthy eating habits through a series of thought-provoking questions, information sharing and homework. She was really good at creating an environment that fostered honesty in order to understand not only what I was doing to create bad eating habits but also why. I certainly do realize that having an on-going life/health coach is important to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

-- Kisha G., wife

I am a 57-year-old, stepmother of 6 adult children with 9 grandchildren and 35 years of Federal Government service. I have been a client of Patricia Hardy's for almost a year and she is a phenomenal coach and wellness trainer. Patricia has helped me to prepare for retirement and to condition myself to take a holistic approach to accomplishing my life goals through coaching, teaching, nutrition and weight loss training. I am now living my best life and accomplishing my life goals.

-- Cheryl, wife, mother, grandmother and career woman

Patricia is an amazing life coach! I have participated in several group sessions and found them incredibly insightful. Our sessions were productive and efficiently run, which is perfect for a diverse group of clients who juggle many priorities. Patricia brings great communication, professionalism, patience and empathy to her work. She uses her own intuition to help guide the sessions. This has made me feel as if I were in safe hands. The effects on my life have been amazing personally, socially and professionally and I look forward to participating in future sessions.

-- Lisa B., mom, daughter, and teacher

As a busy wife, mom, homeschooler and business owner, I found myself overwhelmed and run down physically and emotionally. I have always had a driven and perfectionist-type personality and was at a point where I just was not taking enough time for self care and resets.

Patricia guided me back to allowing myself to take time for regrouping and healing. I am able to set boundaries, develop and stick to health and wellness goals, as well as organize my time and priorities better.

My life is much less complicated now and I have more energy and fun with my family. Patricia is so thoughtful, caring and professional. She has been wonderful to work with and her coaching has proven to be invaluable for me.

Before coaching, I always felt like I was holding my breath…Now I Can Breathe.

-- Angela B., wife, mom, home schooler and business owner